Be Thankful for Business Relationships

It’s that time of year when the leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and the calendar is filling up with family gatherings and holiday parties. Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season, the time of year when we reflect on the relationships we have with family, friends, customers, and co-workers. Thanksgiving can beRead More

Making Your Brand Stand Out

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make your brand stand out above the rest. How do the “Big Dogs” do it? It could be that they have an amazing product or that their service is top notch, but customers today need more to keep their interest. Creating an excellent and unique customer experience may beRead More

To Store or Not to Store… In the Attic

Our attics can be quite helpful with housing the overflow from our main living spaces. Children grow up and keepsakes need to be stored. Where do we put these treasures? Often times there is not enough room in our daily living spaces. Last week, we talked about “What to Avoid Storing in the Garage,” but whatRead More

What to Avoid Storing in the Garage

What to Avoid Storing in the Garage

There are two types of people in this world: those who keep an immaculate, well-organized garage and those who use their garage as a catch-all storage space which may or may not include a vehicle. Either way, our garage is bound to have household goods that shouldn’t be stored there. It may be hazardous toRead More


What does the future hold for us as we age? It is a scary thought what the next generation will provide (or not provide) for us as they begin to take over and make decisions for our country and the world. Would it behoove us to mold the youngsters of today to be productive andRead More

Save or Shred: How Long Should You Keep Documents?

Are you a “paper hoarder?” Paper clutter can be a huge issue in our homes and businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. There are digital filing software programs on the market to elevate our overload of papers that are in need of organizing. If you categorize yourself as an extreme paper hoarder, you mayRead More

Feats of Strength: How to Deal with a Complaint

When you realize that an unhappy customer is dragging your company’s name through the mud via social media, your initial response may be to fire right back at them. Stop. Think. Respond. It definitely takes great strength and self-control not to reciprocate the hate. One angry, bad tweet could send your company into a downwardRead More

Is Your Family Prepared for a Hurricane?

Hurricane season officially runs from June to November, but the major hurricanes do not typically pose a threat until the later part of the season. As a hurricane lurchestoward the Gulf Coast, we should take the time to go over our disaster plan with our family. Even though this storm is only predicted to becomeRead More

Airing Your Grievances Through Social Media

Every once and awhile we experience inconveniences or poor customer service that send us into a rage. How do we complain or air our grievances? How do we receive justice for being wronged? We live in the age of technology. Instead of “going to the mattresses” to handle issues we go to social media. ShouldRead More

Small Business Road Map to Success

Small businesses continue to trend up and for a good reason – nothing quite compares to the challenge and feeling of running your own business. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses account for the employment of 58.9 million employees in the US which is around half of the workforce (47.5%). Additionally, small business accountsRead More

Does Mom Put Her Career on Hold or Go Back to Work?

Before having children, many families have an important decision to make. Does mom put her career on hold or will she go back to work after starting a family? If it is decided that mom will stay at home, there will come a time when all the children will be in school. That leaves momRead More

Get Moving!

In the past few years, a fad has developed in the workplace – the standing desk. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and early death. But can standing counteract the risks of sitting all day or does it come with its own set of risks? StudiesRead More

Is Identity Theft Protection Worth It?

I am sure you have seen the commercials that depict identity theft scenarios. Identity theft protection is a $3 billion a year business. In 2015, 13 million Americans were affected by identity theft at the cost of $15 billion. Their services offer a range of coverage and can cost as little as $5 a monthRead More

Mentoring Entrepreneurs for Success

As we make our way through life, we tend to gather a group of individuals that we feel we can rely on, be them our pastor, an influential professor, or even our grandmother. All of these types of people offer us guidance along our journey. They have wisdom, experience, and age, that if we giveRead More

If There is Threat of a Hurricane

Natural disasters happen all the time. This time of year the threat of a hurricane is the greatest. There isn’t much time to prepare once one is predicted to hit your area. Have you considered what would happen if a major hurricane hit your area and affected your business? The outcome could be catastrophic toRead More

Do You Have the Post-Vacation Blues?

After basking in the sun on a tropical island or having a fun-filled family adventure, the last thing you want to worry about is the post-vacation blues. Sadly, there is no way to avoid what is waiting for you at work when the vacation is over. Making the transition back to your normal work routine doesn’tRead More

Great Leaders Often Do These 7 Rare Things

Leadership doesn’t come with success but success does come with leadership. Are you a stand out leader? Don’t wait for someone else to show you the way. Acknowledge what you need to be great, but set your sights higher to be a stand-out leader. Here is a great article from Inc. magazine highlighting seven rare thingsRead More

Suffering From Morning Mayhem?

Do you start your day with the standard morning ritual from the 1950’s? A cup of coffee with your newspaper, a shower, kiss the spouse and before you head off to work? Or, is your house filled with morning mayhem – kids arguing, hurried conversation with your spouse, and finally, you find yourself running outRead More

Sharpen Your Focus

Do you feel you have missed opportunities because you lack focus? Maybe your concentration is short and your distractions are great? Hiring extra help to fill these skill gaps is merely a band-aid. You are not alone if you need some coping strategies when you HAVE to focus. I have found a few helpful tips fromRead More

Unique Job Perks

We all probably desire to work for a company with a positive and alluring work environment. If you are one of those people who are consistently posting social media gifs about “having a case of the Monday’s” maybe you don’t ENJOY going to work. What are some of the attributes that would give you theRead More