10 Reasons Why an Insurance Career is Great for Millennials

Millennials are the future of insurance and possess many of the qualities that industry recruiters are looking for, such as an affinity for teamwork, an entrepreneurial spirit, and love for solving problems. A career in insurance offers Millennials what they want from a career and many are exploring the insurance industry, getting hired and planRead More

Bon Voyage: Keys to Staying Safe on Vacation

I travel a lot. It’s the nature of my business as an independent insurance adjuster. I am constantly thinking about my personal safety and, unfortunately, know some of my clients have had their dream vacation turn into a nightmare. I don’t want you to constantly worry while traveling but it’s smart to take necessary, common-sense precautionsRead More

The #1 Tip to Finally Achieve Work-Life Balance

Are you working more and enjoying it less? Do you spend less time with your family and friends because you are overscheduled at work? Are you bordering on burnout? Believe me, I know how hard it is to achieve work-life balance. It is so tough to balance work and personal activities so I thought youRead More

Social Media: Should it be in Your Business Marketing Plan?

One of the hot topics discussed at our NAIIA Conference last week in St. Thomas was social media – to be or not to be – in our marketing plans. Although this article is authored by a financial advisor, it has some good points on using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as part of your marketingRead More

Are You an Authentic Leader in Your Industry?

My team and I work hard every day to help our clients maneuver through the complicated world of insurance claims. As an insurance leader for over 30 years and an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I learned that before I could lead, I first had to lead myself. I work right along beside myRead More

Stressed Out? Three Tips to Build Resilience

As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, this article by Anne Grady really spoke to me. Resilience has prepared me for the ups and downs of life and business. I love Grady’s tips for building resilience and her formula of courage plus resilience equals triumph. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to beRead More

2017 Holiday Schedule

We will be closed on the following dates: New Year’s Day 01/02/2017 – Monday Mardi Gras 02/28/2017 – Tuesday Memorial Day 05/29/2017 – Monday 4th of July 07/04/2017 – Tuesday Labor Day 09/04/2017 – Monday Thanksgiving 11/23/2017 and 11/24/2017 – Thursday & Friday Christmas 12/25/2017 – Monday New Year’s Day 01/01/2018 – Monday

Blue Goose Conference in St. Louis

Blue Goose Conference in St. Louis

I am The AL Pond Most Loyal Gander………if you are not familiar with Blue Goose you would not know much about this organization but that is like the President of your region. I will also attend the Blue Goose Grand Nest Conference in St. Louis, MO the week of July 18. We are a fraternal organizationRead More

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Claims

Since there still is skepticism about how drones can be used in the field, let’s address some of the benefits. By Matt Ouellette Unmanned aerial vehicles—or “drones”—have become very popular in the last two years, and they are becoming more prevalent in claims handling. However, there still is skepticism by some regarding how drones canRead MoreRead More

“Things I Never Knew Until Now”

Court Finds Duty to Defend Dog Usually, when a dog injures a person, that person sues the dog’s owners.  Sometimes, there is a question under the policy whether the insurer for the owner is required to defend and indemnify.  There isn’t much leeway in the whole process. Or so we thought. A recent decision out of NorthRead More