Digital Declutter

Cathy's Tuesday TipWe all shudder at the thought of the daunting task of decluttering our computers, tablets, and smartphones.  Oh my! Why do we insist on stockpiling emails marked as read that are to never cross our minds again? What about all the impulse downloaded apps… “when and why did we download this?”  Don’t even get me started on “THE DESKTOP.” To be free from all this clutter is liberating. Having an organized device will help you stay on track, and ultimately, be more efficient in your daily life.  There is hope! Hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy


Digital Declutter…start small! 

Starting small can make this seemingly endless task a little easier to tackle. Here are a few simple ways to streamline your email and desktop so you can start regaining control over your digital clutter! 

digital declutter1. Organize Your Email Inbox  

  • Unsubscribe every e-newsletter and sales ad that you skim past without ever opening. 
  • Create folders for emails you feel are important enough to keep like receipts, quotes, bills, etc.
  • Gmail offers an auto-filter that can be trained to separate your emails into different groups.  If you are looking for a specific email such as the power bill, it can be easily located under “Bills.”

2. Delete Apps and Programs That Are No Longer Used

digital delcutter

  • If an app hasn’t been used or doesn’t work as desired, get rid of it. If you know they are there but they become invisible as you scroll past them 50 times a day, get rid of them. These are taking up valuable space on your device. Take a couple of minutes and delete them.
  • The same goes for unwanted programs.  It may take a few extra minutes and steps but uninstall these programs and to save frustration later.  Again, these are taking up lots of precious space.

Desktop Cleanup

An organized desktop in an efficient desktop.  

  • Create folders with functional names.
  • Add an organizational wallpaper with labeled sections to help identify types of folders quickly and efficiently.
  • Cloud storage services, such as Dropbox [FREE BTW!], are useful for easy access to files and keeping your desktop clean and organized.
  • Schedule a monthly declutter date with your desktop.

Update and Backup Devices

How many times do you press “remind me later” when your device or program is due for an update?  It always seems like updates only want to download while you are in the middle of a task.  You can even schedule them to download while you are asleep.

digital declutter

  • Once a week or every two weeks, take the time to check for updates that you have chosen to ignore. It is easier to do just a couple at a time rather than spending an hour on 6 different updates.
  • Backing up your device is equally important. Sadly, bad things do happen, be it failure or theft. Having your information backed up either to the cloud (like Dropbox) or an external device (like a USB hard drive) is just insurance that you will be able to retrieve all the valuable information that you have painstakingly organized.

These are just a few tips to help you get started.  These aren’t hard tasks but they are helpful. Just having a streamlined email and desktop should help boost your productivity and efficiency. Enjoy a decluttered digital life! ~Cathy

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