Do It, Delegate It or Dump It

Cathy's Tuesday TipDo it, delegate it or dump it. Do you look at your multiple to-do lists and feel overwhelmed? You probably find there are lots of non-income generating things on your business list and non-critical items on your personal list. Ask yourself, “What must be done by me?” Then use the 3 Ds – Do it, Delegate it or Dump it!

What is eating up your time? Are interruptions and distractions keeping you from your most important work? Constant monitoring and instant notifications sap our mental energy, leaving us distracted and unable to focus on what’s really important. Most distractions are emails and phone calls so before responding, filter them through this simple and effective time management method:

  1. Do it. Buckle down and get the task done. Only work on one thing at a time.
  2. Delegate it. If someone else can perform a task at least two-thirds as well as you, delegate it. If you find you don’t have anyone to delegate to, can you train someone or outsource the task?
  3. Dump it. Scan your emails for unwanted emails. You can probably delete half or more emails without opening them.

Is there anything you are doing now that is not effective or necessary? Can you use technology to change how you are doing things?

You don’t have to know what you don’t have to know. Technology gives us information quicker than we can snap your fingers. Unsubscribe from newsletters to clean out your inbox and cancel magazines you don’t have time to read.

Do you say yes to every good opportunity? Does this leave you with a hundred half-finished projects and a thousand associated tasks? Some days I have no idea what to do first because all the tasks left on my to-do-list are important. Stop starting new projects; start finishing projects that are in-progress. Work on one project at a time until it is completed before starting on the next one.

And when you really examine what you’re doing and make decisions about what to do yourself, what to delegate and what to stop doing altogether this frees you up. It gives you the physical, emotional and headspace to focus your attention and be more productive.

Today, stop starting. What can you start finishing instead?

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