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What does the future hold for us as we age? It is a scary thought what the next generation will provide (or not provide) for us as they begin to take over and make decisions for our country and the world. Would it behoove us to mold the youngsters of today to be productive and capable humans of tomorrow? I think so! If we instill the value of work and encourage children to earn what they desire, we may be on the right track for the positive growth of our country. I have talked about Mompreneurs, but what about Kidpreneurs? To teach our children that we all must work hard to earn what we desire in life is a huge lesson. Kids need motivation and our support to instill this. Here are some tips that may be useful to help develop our children into productive humans. Teaching them to set goals and work toward them is an important life lesson. I hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Set Realistic Goals

Kids feel a sense of accomplishment when they reach a goal. Sit down with them and decide how much money they need and how much time it will take. Once the amount and due date are set, break that down into smaller goals that can be reached in a shorter time frame. This increases motivation by being able to see gradual advancement toward the goal. Also, make it visual! Create a chart that they can physically color in or add stickers to show their progress toward their goal.

Developing a Concept

Showing children that while just starting out in the entrepreneurial game, they don’t have to be original. They are kids for goodness sake! There is only so much time and resources that are available to them. Starting small works best. Cutting the neighbors grass, babysitting/pet sitting, or selling baked goods are great ideas. These are simple jobs that will pay them for their services. Encouraging them to use their skills and interests to make money will more than likely keep them interested in achieving their goal.


Helping your child research the idea will help them understand what it takes to have a business. They need to know how much it will cost to provide decent service. If cutting grass is what your child wants to do, then they need to know how much it will cost to purchase gas for the lawnmower. If your child chooses to sell baked goods, then they need to know how much ingredients will cost. All this will to factor into what they find is fair to charge.

Sales and Marketing

Showing children how to reach their target clients and how to get the word out is next. Give them confidence by having them write a sales pitch including their: name, business name, services provided, and goals. Help your child with marketing. Make a Facebook post, help start an Instagram account, or even put out fliers.


As parents, we are our children’s biggest supporters but that doesn’t mean we can do everything for them. They have to learn that some ideas succeed, and others fail. We are here for them, but it might be best to have external support as well. Motivate them by finding a mentor in the same field. Someone that can encourage them, and share their expertise. If things go well, include their friends as partners or employees.

Just Do It

Getting started is the hardest part. Taking a leap into something new is scary to adults so you can imagine how a child may feel. Making the first phone call or the first step is the hardest. Let your child know that it is okay to feel scared or shy! It will all be worth it when they realize how good it feels to accomplish their goals!


The key to all of this is to be encouraging. Don’t let them give up! The skills that are being installed are ones they will use for the rest of their lives. We need to teach them how rewarding it is when they accomplish their goals and how to be kidpreneurs!

I hope you enjoyed Cathy’s Tuesday Tip this week. To view more of Cathy’s Tuesday Tips, visit our blog.

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