Making Your Brand Stand Out

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make your brand stand out above the rest. How do the “Big Dogs” do it? It could be that they have an amazing product or that their service is top notch, but customers today need more to keep their interest. Creating an excellent and unique customer experience may be the key. Here are a few tips from companies that offer world renowned customer experiences. Learn from their advice and implement some of their ideas to increase your business’s customer experience. I hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Making Your Brand Stand Out

According to a worldwide survey by Salesforce, 79 percent of consumers prioritize customer experience just as highly as products or services when doing business with a company. According to 67 percent of their respondents, expectations are the highest they’ve ever been. Big names in the e-commerce world, such as Amazon, found that offering high-quality products at reasonable prices wasn’t enough. You are probably thinking that you can not afford to offer the Amazon type of experience. Maybe not. But, learn from the advice of some big brands and implement some of their ideas to increase your business’s customer experience.


Apple offers impeccable hospitality. Before opening the door of a retail store, future managers were sent to hospitality training led by the Ritz Carlton. Apple chose to implement three steps of service. First, each guest is offered a sincere greeting. Then, they try within their power to fulfill all need for the guest. Lastly, they refer to the customer by name. This has proven successful for Apple. Just one negative experience is enough to send 17 percent of formerly loyal customers looking elsewhere for a great customer experience. Making a memorable first impression speaks volumes!


Feedback is an important key to Hulu’s customer experience. Hulu predicted rapid growth and was primed for scaling their business. To ensure their customers’ satisfaction Hulu decided to pair with Twilio, a customer call center. Hulu wanted to hear what their customers’ needs were and use the knowledge to continue to improve their services. Even after mounds of success, Hulu continues to adjust to make their customer experience above the rest. Their customer service agents can access the user’s accounts to provide high-quality, personalized service. If no support representatives are available, customers can schedule a callback time, and the computer will automatically call when someone becomes available.


Amazon and Hulu both have a vast variety of products offered. There is no way we as consumers can sift through them all. The answer to this is personalization. A database is formed of past searches to recommend products to the customer. The bigger the inventory the more important it becomes to personalize content to the customer search.

As the world’s top companies begin to set the bar higher and higher for superb customer experiences, the smaller companies should follow suit. As you work to improve upon your own customer experiences look to these leaders and implement some of their practice to stay on trend. Techniques will always change. Try it and see what will work for your business.

I hope you enjoyed Cathy’s Tuesday Tip this week. To view more of Cathy’s Tuesday Tips, visit our blog.

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