Cathy's Tuesday TipBeing a mother is challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Who else but your children could drive you crazy and make you the happiest all at the same time? Being a mom teaches us so much. As women, we can use the skills learned by being a mother, fine tune them and apply them to becoming a successful entrepreneur. We are able to work under extreme pressure, possibly be more productive than when under less stress. Our negotiation skills are at the top of their game. We must be creative. We know how to choose our battles. We know that there will be good times and bad times. All of these resources are tools to create an exceptional business owner. Here are a few helpful hints from some successful “Mompreneurs.” Hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Rid Yourself of Hazardous Relationships

Lisa Stone, co-founder of Herblog “Ban toxic people from your life. You don’t have enough time already, right mom or dad? So if you are living or working or worshipping around a toxic person or people who invade your confidence and bring you down, you MUST remove them from your life.” Stay positive and surround yourself with those who are supportive and helpful and keep an eye out for those who may try to hold you back.

mompreneurKeep Your Family Involved

Lauren Thom founded New Orleans-brand Fleurty Girl, “You have to make family a part of your business… I’ve always considered my kids to be my board of directors, whether we’re moving or having them share a bedroom so we can open a store in our house. Make them a part of that journey. Our kids are our reason to seek out a better life.” Keeping your family involved can encourage them to be successful adults. This gives them hands-on skills that could be useful for their future.

Take a Breather

Karla Campos founder of digital marketing training and education company Social Media Sass says, “Entrepreneurship, just like motherhood, is not a 9-5 job. Some days I stay up until 3 a.m. working and then have to do a 7 a.m. child drop off at school. Be kind to yourself. Make time for you even if it’s just to breathe and smell the air. Kids are going to make messes, they are going to eat your reports and download viruses to your computer. Your best weapon is a sense of humor. Enjoy your mom entrepreneur life, wear the title proudly. We are basically superheroes.” Burn out can cause outbursts and short tempers. Remember that not everyone knows your stress. Taking a break and communicating your struggles can help your family determine when to give you a break on the homefront as well.

These women have created an amazing business while still maintaining a healthy family life. It IS possible. If you have an idea that you are passionate about and feel like it could be a success, why not give it a shot a little bit at a time? Yes, it takes long hours, sacrifice, and lots of creativity but this is what being a mom has prepared you for. Use these tools to help you start your journey of becoming a successful Mompreneur!

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