Suffering From Morning Mayhem?

Cathy's Tuesday TipDo you start your day with the standard morning ritual from the 1950’s? A cup of coffee with your newspaper, a shower, kiss the spouse and before you head off to work? Or, is your house filled with morning mayhem – kids arguing, hurried conversation with your spouse, and finally, you find yourself running out the door praying the Starbucks line isn’t too long? You probably identify more with the latter! Starting your day with such stress sets the pace for your workday. Setting a morning routine will enable you to take control of your day. Don’t let others determine your schedule by immediately picking up your phone to check texts or emails. Give yourself time to wake up, stretch and take a deep breath. I have found some great tips that some of the most productive entrepreneurs live by daily. These are all easy to adopt into your schedule so take back your morning! Hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Wake Up Early

Getting up early helps you get a head start on the day before the world wakes up and starts to distract you. Think of what you could accomplish if there were no interruptions. Own your mornings!

Don’t Hit Snooze

Once the alarm sounds, it’s our natural instinct to hit the snooze button. The hardest part of the morning is getting out of the bed. Once we actually get up, the wake-up process gets easier. Some may start their productivity in bed. Did you know Winston Churchill started his day in bed? For the first 3-4 hours, he would read and answer his mail by dictating to his secretary. If we all had that luxury!

digital declutterStart Tech-Free

Most of us use our device as an alarm clock. After turning off the alarm, put it down. Don’t be a slave to your emails and social media. This allows you to be in control of your morning. You will have plenty of time later, so try to enjoy the first 15 minutes of your day without it.

Set Goals for the Day

Set three attainable goals for the day. Plan to come home on time and play catch with your son. Schedule a doctors appointment. Find a time to call your mom. Whatever they are, stick them. This will help you see what is truly important in YOUR day.


I know the stereotypical meditation requires lots of time, peaceful music, and lots of self-reflection. Meditation is actually what you want it to be, such as a prayer or a devotion. You could sit in a quiet environment and just clear your mind. It may only take you a few seconds but is helpful to begin your day with a fresh mind.

Hit the Gym

Studies show that if workouts don’t occur in the morning, they are more likely to be skipped. Just like meditating is good for our mind and soul, working out is good for our body. It releases endorphins that keep you healthy.


While at the gym, bring a book to read while you are on the bike or treadmill. Reading ensures that we are learning and growing. We can always use the enrichment and our focus is best in the morning.

Cold Showers

A cold shower offers many health benefits. It can improve alertness, ease stress, relieve depression, and improve immunity. You will start your day off feeling like a champ!

We are all looking for ways to stay focused and have a supremely productive day. What if all we ever had to do was to develop a morning routine to create a positive start to our day? If this works for you, encourage your family to adapt their own routine to control the morning mayhem!

I hope you enjoyed Cathy’s Tuesday Tip this week. To view more of Cathy’s Tuesday Tips, visit our blog.

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