Are You Drowning in a Sea of Repetitive Tasks?

Cathy's Tuesday TipLike most small business owners, all of your time is consumed in running your business and gaining more customers. This stress tends to take its toll on your health and relationships. Are you drowning in a sea repetitive tasks? Investing in automation tools to alleviate some of the mundane tasks that require your attention daily could save your sanity. Must you, personally, answer repetitive emails or send reoccurring invoices? No! Don’t drown in the sea of repetitive emails and invoicing. Here are a few examples of what can be automated. Take a deep breath and start letting go little by little and regain control of your time. Hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Online Bookkeeping and Invoicing

bookkeepingSpending hours sending out invoices, making sure invoices have been paid, and properly filed is a daily duty. Payroll needs attention as do monthly bills which leads to bookkeeping. Why should you have to physically do this when there is an easier more time effective solution? Payments and invoices can be scheduled. Payroll can be logged and calculated via software. There are many options out there. Quickbooks Online is very popular and quite robust, but there are also other (free) options. Solutions like Invoicely and Wave can be used for scheduling invoices and Brightbook can be used for general bookkeeping.

Email Automation

An easy way to keep in touch with customers and encouraging them to keep doing business with you is through email automation. Most emails are sent to customers who subscribe to an email list. The automated software will send scheduled emails to notify customers about sales, new products, special events, etc. These emails are great for marketing but if done manually would take an eternity. Using software like Zoho or Mixmax (FREE) for email automation could increase your email list and potentially increase your customer base without you having to do much more than having the email written.

Lead Generation

Another time-consuming part of owning a business is lead generation but there is help for that too! Insightly and Hubspot (FREE) are just a couple of examples of cloud-based tools that could help increase business leads. This is very similar to the automated emails but can also help identify who visited your site and what their needs may be. Minimal effort to help yield maximum results and nearly 100% automated sounds like a dream doesn’t it?


email automationA dashboard is so convenient because it puts all of your technical business information into one page. This keeps track of all your key business data points related to your company. You can be
aware of your current production at any given time. Tableau and Cyfe (FREE) are great examples of software designed to track your productivity efficiently. These are all starting points in making your working day more efficient. They all take maintenance and some time to get used to, but once the software is learned, you will be able to focus on other areas that may need your attention.

We all seek to simplify our life, why not start with our business and see what else follows! To view more of Cathy’s Tuesday Tips, visit our blog.