Sharpen Your Focus

Cathy's Tuesday Tip

Do you feel you have missed opportunities because you lack focus? Maybe your concentration is short and your distractions are great? Hiring extra help to fill these skill gaps is merely a band-aid. You are not alone if you need some coping strategies when you HAVE to focus. I have found a few helpful tips from a few of the top minds in the business world on how they keep your attention on all the things you need to do during the day. Hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Avoid Office Interruptions When You Can

Mark Divine is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL commander, a bestselling author of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind. Office interruptions happen and they happen at the worst possible time. His strategy is being out of the office a couple of days a week in an undisclosed location. He does this to make up for the distractions that occur when he is in the office. This allows him to put his head down and work without the possibility of being interrupted and diverting his focus to another area. He suggests taking a break every 45 minutes, do stretches, walk around, and take deep breaths. This gives the brain a minute to regroup. Divine believes concentration takes training.

your advisory boardSet Up Your Personal Advisory Board

Chris Harder is a philanthropist, coach, founder, and CEO of For the Love of Money. His top advice is to have an advisory board. This board only consists of close friends who are business minded and know you just as well. Sometimes we tend to say yes to every opportunity even when our gut is telling us no. Only say yes to the opportunities that you can’t live without. It is easier to say yes when you are stressed and tired due to having so many irons in the fire. This is where your advisory board comes in. They might be available for business advice, but they are also friends who can be truthful when your attention is divided among many things.

Sharpen Your Focus, Clear Your Brain

Kenny Rueter is the co-founder of Kajabi. He believes that you should remove everything from your life that is a diversion distraction. Most business owners and even employees feel they must be on top of EVERYTHING all at once and this allows room for errors to occur. Prioritizing the day makes for a better organized day. Making a list at the top of the day keeps you from being overwhelmed and constantly worrying about other tasks. This leads to a clear brain. Moving on to the next task after one is accomplished allows you to keep focused on one thing at a time.

to do listEnjoy Tasks That Require Your Daily Attention

Nafisé Nina Hodjat is the founder and managing attorney of The SLS Firm. She has a different approach to gaining focus. While trying to focus on her law career, she developed the love for writing and has been quite successful. She advises us to find what it is you love to do and you will automatically focus your attention on that love. It also promotes a better attitude in life when you are able to enjoy the tasks that require your attention daily.

Try a few of these tips if you seem to be drowning in a multitude of tasks. Clear out the cobwebs and take a break every now and then. Have those close to you listen and help you through some of your business decisions. Make lists and prioritize your day. Try to do things that you love. It is easy to get caught up in doing too many things at once. Your productivity will suffer and you will become increasingly frustrated with the outcome. Finding a strategy that works for you to create an efficient and productive workday.

I hope you enjoyed Cathy’s Tuesday Tip this week. To view more of Cathy’s Tuesday Tips, visit our blog.