Sleep Well

Cathy's Tuesday TipBusiness owners and even workaholics often feel that sleep is just a waste of time and we all know that time is money! Sleep is a crazy thing. It helps regulate our bodies in so many different ways. Having an adequate amount of sleep every night helps manage our appetites, allows our immune system to function more efficiently, and helps protect and strengthen our memory. Researchers in the UK and Italy performed 16 different sleep studies over 25 years with over 1.3 million people and 100,000 deaths. Those who slept less than 6 hours a night were 12 percent more likely to die prematurely than those studied that slept 7-8 hours per night. Also, those who slept more than 9 hours a night had a 30 percent chance of premature death. In our day to day, business hours vary from a long day to a longer day. We must maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Sleep keeps our heads clear and can also help lessen conflicts in our work environment. Doctors recommend that we get an average of 8 hours of sleep a night. Are you?
Aside from the weight gain, increased days missed due to repeated illnesses, blemishes, and looking tired all the time, the lack of sleep can affect your productivity level at work. Here are some warning signs that you aren’t getting enough sleep. Hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Do You Sleep Well?

Argument Prone

Are you always in the middle of a conflict? Do you frequently feel like you are being attacked? Are you frequently attacking others? These are signs of sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep can lessen our ability to control our impulses. This makes it harder to think before you speak and lessen the ability to be polite even when you may not think it is deserved. Our moods are definitely influenced by having the right amount of sleep.

Lower Reaction Time

In stressful work environments, our ability to process information and react quickly is imperative. The lack of sleep can fog our judgment and dull our clarity. This can also lead to poor decisions, which leads to lack of confidence from your peers. A 2009 study found that accuracy in tasks that required quick decision-making was 2.4 percent in sleep-deprived people, compared to 4.3 percent in rested individuals


For our brains to process all the process at one time is incredible. With background noises, conversations, inner dialogue, all the visual stimuli and smells, and then add movement to the mix. The brain is amazing until you deprive it of rest. When you are sleepy your brain simply can’t keep up. The time it takes to stabilize, move, and react, slows; and that is when accidents happen. Sleep deprivation is similar to being intoxicated with alcohol.
sleep deprived driving


Lack of Focus

When you are sleepy it is harder to make sense of information. In our work day, we are bombarded with information that needs to be processed clearly. Are you frequently asking people to repeat themselves? Do you write more down or make more to-do lists for fear of forgetting something? These are signs of fatigue and can lower your work quality.

Passing on Opportunities

Your plate is full. You already have no time for sleep and then a great career opportunity is offered. Two things can happen. Your brain can be so dull from fatigue that you don’t see it as an opportunity for advancement and so you pass. Also, you could feel that your plate is so full that there is no way for you to fulfill the duties. With enough rest, you would have been able to see what has been offered in a different light and be able to process it positively. These are just a few examples of what sleep deprivation can cause in a workday. None of these generate an efficient and effective working environment. Productivity is the key to a successful business but without a good night sleep, this becomes a very difficult endeavor. I know it seems like sleep just gets in the way of what HAS to be done but think of how effective you would be with 8 hours of sleep. You never know, try it and see. It might surprise you.
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