Coping with Working Away from Home

Cathy's Tuesday TipFrom time to time, traveling away from home is a must. It could be as seldom as an annual conference or as frequent as a long haul trucker. The similarities between all of those who travel for work is that they will most definitely miss their families during their stent away from home. Finding ways to cope while on the road can help lessen the sadness of being miles away from home. Here are a few tools that may be useful for those of you who are struggling with being away from your family while out of town on business. Hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy


Skype and Video Chat

Isn’t technology wonderful! Being across the country, world, or even in space, we can feel like we are sitting in our living room with our family. Who would have thought that we would ever be able to talk on the phone and actually see who we were talking to and see what they were doing in real time? A dad can, through video, eat dinner with his family. A mom can read her children a bedtime story. Actually seeing the family and their activities is so much more comforting than just hearing their voices over the phone. The children feel less distance knowing that their parent is just a FaceTime call away. With Skype and video chat there is a feeling of being involved and connected to their daily life.

Sharing Quality Time

Before leaving on a trip take time out with the ones who matter. Take them to their favorite park or event. Taking the time to enjoy each others company without emails or text interruptions show that you do care and aren’t abandoning them. It will be fun and help prepare them for your absence. Plus, this is creating memories that you can look back upon to help when you miss them terribly.

Buy Souvenirs

Spending a few minutes to pick out a special treasure for a loved one can be cathartic. There is an excitement in the anticipation to see the reaction from your loved ones. These items will be special to your loved ones and show that you were thinking of them.

Emails or Letters

Writing a short note or email can brighten someone’s day. Just dropping a line saying that you are missing them and can’t wait to see them puts them in good spirits and lets them know that you are thinking of them.

While being away from home, no matter who you are, you will miss your loved ones. From time to time it is definitely nice to get away but there will always be that thought of your family in your mind. The key is to keep in touch. Do not let a day go by without dropping a line, be it a phone call or an email. Rest assured, those at home are missing you just as much.


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