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How and Why Your Business Should Host Virtual Training

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The year 2020 taught us a lot including that employees can be effectively trained from the comfort of their own homes.

While some of us have already returned or plan to return to the office, many of us may never go back. If you’re choosing to allow your employees to work remotely, below are some tips and suggestions for hosting a successful virtual training as well as reasons why you should consider hosting your training virtually. 

Four Tips for Successful Virtual Training

Keep Your Trainees Engaged

Multitasking is extremely tempting when attending virtual training which is why it’s important to keep your trainees engaged. Your content needs to be interesting and delivered in an efficient and entertaining manner. 

Allow for Adequate Breaks

Like we said before, your attendees are going to try and multitask during training. By giving your trainees plenty of breaks, they’ll be able to complete the tasks they’ve been itching to complete during your sessions. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Play Games

Whether you choose to use polls, Q&As, puzzles or other games, these are great ways to encourage your attendees to pay attention. Games will bring out the competitive side of your trainees and enable you to test if they’re grasping the information you’ve provided. And, if budget allows, we suggest giving out gift cards and other prizes to those who participated or won the majority of your games.

Know Your Virtual Training Platform

There’s no worse way to give your attendees a reason to tune out than technological problems. Before your training, you need to know all of the ins and outs of the platform you choose to use to mitigate those types of errors. We also recommend running through your presentations multiple times before the big day to iron out any kinks or other issues.

Four Reasons Why Your Business Should Train Virtually

It’s Convenient

As long as you and your trainees have solid Wi-Fi, virtual training can be completed anywhere in the world.

It’s Environmentally-Friendly

Allowing your employees to train from home won’t have to drive or fly, thus eliminating any carbon emissions. You also won’t have to print copious amounts of materials, agendas, etc.

It’s Cheaper. 

When you choose virtual training, both you and your attendees spend less money. There’s no need to rent an expensive venue, book hotel rooms and flights, or print materials.

It Encourages Participation.

Virtual training allows for anonymity. Your attendees can submit questions, answers and ideas without the fear of being discriminated against or judged.

While there are benefits for both in-person and virtual training, we hope you consider these tips and recommendations when planning your next training session. Visit our website to learn more ways you can become an effective trainer and leader.

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