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How to Attract Recent College Grads to a Career in Claims Adjusting

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Insurance is often a foreign concept to recent college graduates, which is why a career as a claims adjuster is overlooked as a lucrative opportunity. Young adults entering the workforce need to be educated on the success, longevity and other benefits a career in insurance adjusting can provide them. 

Use Social Media to Recruit

Today’s young employees want a job that fosters growth, helps people and offers flexibility. A career as a claims adjuster offers all of that and more. We suggest using traditional modes of recruiting (such as job fairs), but we also recommend non-traditional modes like social media. Most recent college graduates and young adults have a smartphone and social media accounts they visit multiple times a day (or even an hour at a time). Utilize this to your advantage. Social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to catch the eye of young professionals. We also recommend asking your current insurance agents and adjusters to be more active on social media. In doing so, your insurance company is more likely to catch the attention of younger audiences, both as future employees and clients. 

Education is Key

Like we said before, insurance is something many recent college grads know little to nothing about. Therefore, when it comes to attracting new claims adjusters, they need to know that your company will provide them with endless amounts of information and training to help them succeed in the field. According to ClaimsJournal.com, claims training facilities can play a pivotal role when it comes to properly preparing claims professionals. When recruiting, bring potential employees to your claims training facilities and sessions. Show them that they will be well-prepared with hours of hands-on experience.

Don’t Be Humble

There are countless benefits to a career in insurance adjusting, so don’t be humble when recruiting. Share about your successes. Share with them how you take advantage of the flexibility of the job. Talk about the money! When recruiting, especially with new graduates, you need to show all of your cards. The job market is hot right now which gives young professionals a lot of options. Show them why insurance adjusting should be at the top of their list.

If you’re currently looking for a job in the insurance industry, visit our careers page to learn more about our open positions.

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