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How to Increase Employee Motivation in the Last Two Months of 2021

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We’re officially in the last two months of 2021. During this time period, many employees have checked out and are anxiously awaiting their holiday celebrations, vacations, etc. But, your business and your employees still have goals to meet in these next 60 or so days. This is why increasing employee motivation is key to excelling at the end of the year.

How do you keep them motivated? 

Below are several tactics you can use to keep your employees motivated during the last two months of the year.

Acknowledge Their Hard Work

It’s no secret that 2021 was a difficult year as we were still trying to figure out how best to navigate COVID and employee safety while also operating our businesses efficiently. By this point, especially after two difficult years, your employees are likely run down. Use the last two months to acknowledge how hard they have been working, despite the odds. By acknowledging their hard work, you give them the motivation to finish out the year strong.

End of Year Bonuses/Rewards

Another way to keep employees motivated all year long is the promise of end of year bonuses or other rewards. Added bonuses and other similar “prizes” are a fantastic way to encourage your employees to work hard while also showing them that you value their work. But, it should be noted, that while bonuses are great, you should still be acknowledging their hard work throughout the year. 

Encourage Group Gatherings 

Many of us spent months without seeing our coworkers in-person, making some of us feel siloed in our work. This is why group gatherings are crucial to motivating your employees, especially as the year comes to an end. From potluck lunches and after-work happy hours to holiday parties, there are a wide variety of group gatherings your company can host to encourage your employees to get together and remember the “why” behind their work.

Be an Empowering Leader

While the last two months of the year are important for crushing goals, the best way to keep your employees motivated is to empower them all year long. By building trust, showing respect and making your employees feel valued, you’re being the empowering leader they need to help them reach their goals and potential. Earlier this year, we shared some tips for becoming an empowering leader on our blog. Click here to check it out.

For more leadership and employee retention tips, visit our blog. We update it weekly with news and other information on how to manage your business.

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