How Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

What better time of the year is there to instill a strong work ethic in children than summer?! Once the second week of summer rolls around, the words, “I’m bored,” become more and more frequent. Kids want us to cart them around and expect us to fork over cash to facilitate their entertainment. Why not take advantage of this need? Our kids could learn a good lesson by earning these privileges. Whether it is just helping the family around the house or pursuing an entrepreneurial idea. Let’s not let out kids minds turn to mush this summer. Let’s try encouraging them to be productive. I hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Ideas for Kids Ages 5-11:

Driveway Stand
This could be as simple as a lemonade stand. The cool thing is that the kids are totally in control, they create the name and the product, they serve the customers, and ultimately make the money. We as parents need to guide them on how to get on their feet.

As parents, we can pay our kids to complete jobs around the house that they are capable of doing properly. How much is your time worth? Pay them for their assistance. Give them a time frame and also how well you expect it to be completed.

Yard Sale
This is a win- win for parents. Have kids clean out their rooms. Offer to help them with a yard sale to help get rid of things like toys and clothes. Bonus: they keep the profits! Show them how to advertise and price their items fairly.

Ideas for Kids Ages 12-14:

Cleaning Services
Most parents have their kids help around the house at an early age. It may be just picking up and putting dishes in the dishwasher but that is a pretty good start. In their early teen years they should have the knowledge to help others tidy their homes. Help them develop fair cleaning packages that they can advertise around the neighborhood. Give them a few advanced tips to up their cleaning skills.

Farmers Market
If your child has a green thumb or knack for baking, maybe they should open a booth at the local farmers market. Kids can sell their homegrown herbs and vegetables. They can also sell homemade baked goods to the hungry shoppers. This could really cultivate and entrepreneurial spirit.

Responsible kids love to babysit. The Red Cross offers CPR and babysitter training courses to help better prepare them for issues that may occur. Parents pay more for these certifications.

Dog Walker
Summer is a time when many take vacations. It can be expensive and emotionally troubling to board pets. It may be easier to hire someone to walk your pets. Kids are great ones to fill this position. Walking and caring for pets are great ways for kids to earn extra money.

Lawn Care
Cutting the grass is time consuming for busy adults. Your kid could take advantage of this and start a lawn cutting business to help those in the neighborhood.

Ideas for Kids Ages 15 and Up:

Computer Support
We all know someone who could us a little help with their computer. If your teen knows the way around a computer or gadget, this may be the business for them. There are plenty of us that are technologically challenged.

Social Media Manager
Is your daughter always on Instagram? Have her find customers that need help with brand awareness. She can charge an hourly rate to post on social media and respond to comments.

Your teen could be hired to help younger kids with their school work. If they do well in certain subjects they could mentor other kids in those areas.

The Red Cross offers Lifeguard training that prepares them for helping others with water safety. Most cities have public and private pools that need these services.

Grocery Store Employee
A grocery store is a popular place for teens to get jobs. Their schedule is flexible and creates great work ethic. They will also learn valuable life skills.

This encourages good customer service skills and attention to details. In retail, everything must me tidy and organized to appeal to the customer. Maybe this will rub off and carry over to your home.

These are all good ways to keep your kids busy and hopefully earn a little money. The best part is they will be learning valuable skills and work ethic that they can carry with them through life.

I hope you enjoyed Cathy’s Tuesday Tip this week. To view more of Cathy’s Tuesday Tips, visit our blog.

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