Self Checkout With Confidence

As a society in this fast-paced digital age, we expect our daily tasks to be completed with ease and speed. Visiting our local grocery store is no different. More and more grocery stores are offering the self-checkout option. This gives customers the ability to checkout at their own pace. For some this is a wonderful advancement for mankind, for others this is a daunting and stress inducing idea. I have found a few tips that will help everyone master the self checkout with a few do’s and don’t to keep in mind. I hope you enjoy Cathy’s Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Reusable Bags

Most stores these days encourage the use of reusable shopping bags. This saves them money and keeps the used bags out of the landfills. When it comes to using these bags at self-checkout, issues can arise. Placing the bags in the bagging section can cause the scales to be off. The computer believes that there are unscanned items bagged. Be sure before setting the reusable bag in that area to push “I brought my own bag” button. This will cut down on headaches later.


Coupons are easy to use at the self-checkout once you know the procedure. After you’ve completed scanning your items, be sure to scan all coupons. Most kiosks have slots that require the coupons to be placed once scanned. If they are not deposited into the slot the discount may not be deducted. If you are a self proclaimed “Extreme Couponer” please visit an actual cashier. Kiosks are not designed to for that volume of coupons. Everyone will applaud you on your savings and courtesy.

Produce Codes

At the top of the list of causing delays in the self-checkout line are those who actually look up the produce by name. Most of the time the produce item will have a sticker with a PLU code and kiosks will have a button that allows you to enter the PLU instead of scrolling through the produce. Once that is accepted, a quantity or weight will be required. There are times that no code is available and the item must be searched. It can take a bit longer to look up your type of apple, for instance, when scanning through the different options for apples.

Scanning Order

Most baggers have been trained about appropriate bagging procedures. You wouldn’t want bleach bagged with the grapes or the bread with olive oil. To expedite self checkout bagging, it is a best practice to scan the items in the order they will be bagged. Scan frozen or cold food at one time, then all the cleaning supplies together, raw meats…and so on. You can’t blame the bagger if your chips get crushed if you are bagging yourself.

Limit Items

Coupon users beware of the self checkout. Keep the number of items to a minimum. Twenty items or fewer is ideal. This system is available to expedite the process of checking out. It may be wise and appreciated if you see a cashier if your cart if full. The self-checkout line will thank you. We all hate the message “waiting for cashier” to appear on the screen of the self checkout. These tips may help you traverse the checkout process with ease. Don’t let it be intimidating, take charge and use the kiosk to your advantage. Take a friend that may need a little assistance to gain confidence using the self-checkout.

I hope you enjoyed Cathy’s Tuesday Tip this week. To view more of Cathy’s Tuesday Tips, visit our blog.

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