Available 24/7/365


Residential & Commercial Property

Let us handle your residential and commercial property losses of all types and sizes, including Farm Policies. We can investigate the cause of the loss, address coverage, extent of property damage, which items to repair versus replace and cost thereof and determine what should be paid to the insured.

General Liability

From basic slip and falls to equipment malfunctions and everything in between, our experienced liability adjusters/investigators will assist in a complete investigation of fact and quick resolution of your Bodily Injury or Property Damage General Liability claims, including Construction Defect.

Product & Liquor Liability

If your insured has a product defect claim or your insured serves alcohol to the general public and has a claim, call on us. We pride ourselves in being able to investigate these assignments involving many moving parts with sensitivity, care, speed, accuracy and detail.

Truckers & Auto Liability

We are your transportation team! Our professional and experienced adjusters/investigators understand the importance of a prompt and thorough field investigation when it comes to trucks and automobiles on the road. We will conduct full scene investigations or task assignments as needed and requested by our clients, 24/7/365.

Motor Truck Cargo

When your insured has cargo that is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load, our experienced adjusters/investigators know the ins and out and intricacies of handling these specialty claims.

Bodily Injury

Our independent adjusters are committed to conducting a thorough bodily injury investigation and thorough medical records review in order to arrive at a fair claim value based upon the facts and evidence presented.

Workers' Compensation

We have a strong history and a stellar track record when it comes to discovering the facts in on the job injuries. We thoroughly investigate all workers compensation claims to determine compensability, keeping in mind any third-party exposure, during our investigation.

Heavy Equipment & Auto Damage Appraisals

We are accustomed to writing all types of appraisals, negotiating agreed settlements, handling total losses, and dealing with salvage and titles.

Inland Marine

Our team can investigate Inland Marine Losses and generate estimates and secure costs for repairs for small to large Inland Marine claims such as container and cargo losses.

Fidelity Bonds

Employee dishonesty claims are often referred to as fidelity bond claims. A dishonest employee will take steps to hide the dishonesty and the resulting loss to the employer. Therefore, the consequences of the dishonesty can be hidden for months if not years and significant losses can mount quickly. Let CJ Hester investigate these claims for you and provide you with the necessary information to successfully resolve these claims.

Construction Defect

We routinely handle construction defect claims. Our adjusters understand the complexities and many moving parts associated with construction defect claims and what information is needed by the company, during our investigation, to evaluate if the claim is a covered loss versus non-covered loss.


Our adjusters can handle all types and sizes of environmental losses such as air or water pollution and soil or radioactive contamination.


Our adjusters understand the complexities associated with mold claims. We will investigate the damage, help you determine your coverage and advise you on the most effective way to handle your mold damage insurance claim.


We have experienced staff available to attend meditations with your defense attorneys.

Trial Monitoring

Our experienced, trained adjusters will report to you all activity from a trial with detailed, professional daily reports.

Special Investigations

Fire / Arson Investigations

Our adjusters understand the importance of scene preservation, spoliation of evidence, and subrogation. We use investigative techniques to uncover the truths needed for objective decision making by our clients.


If there are red flags or indicators of fraud in a claim, let our team investigate so the suspicion may be either removed or confirmed. Our team works tirelessly to obtain thorough results. Several of our investigators are Certified Fraud Investigators.

Suspicious Casualty

We provide our clients with accurate information and timely reporting in a discrete and professional manner.

Witness Locates

We can locate witnesses for you in every type of claim.

Database Background

We have an extensive database system at our disposal which is used for research relevant to background searches, locate searches and social media profiling. We can also perform activity checks and perform record document searches.