Time Frames are Important for Planning

From time to time some of the things we do in life are a bit unclear to us because we do not always know exactly when something is supposed to start or end. Putting a time frame on various circumstances brings clarity and closure to nearly every situation. I hope you enjoy my Tuesday Tip! ~Cathy

Establishing Time Frames for Children

Take raising children, for example. We are clear that it begins when they are born. However, after you become a parent, you are a parent for the rest of your life! That child will need guidance every day. And then, even after they grow up, your wise counsel will still be occasionally required. In other words, advising children is something that has a starting point, but has no clearly defined ending time.

The value of setting a specific time frame to any situation when dealing with children is essential. If a child wants some reward, it is a good idea to say, “Okay, the time frame for earning this reward begins at noon on Saturday and ends at noon the following Saturday.” In other words, by making it clear that you have a starting time and an ending time, a framework can then be added to the project that will give clarity, direction, and purpose.

Time Frames in Business

These concepts are also true in the business world. Setting time frames gives clarity and purpose to business decisions because there is a specific starting time and a definite ending time to each one. Without setting timelines and deadlines, there may be some clarity at the beginning of a deal, but there won’t be as much clarity as to its end.


The more clarity you can bring to a situation by having a specific starting and ending time, the better off you will be, regardless of whether that is in raising children or in your business dealings. You can more easily avoid anyone ever saying, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” You see, that kind of thinking is a direct result of not being clear on the starting and ending point of the situation. A timeframe put on a job allows there to be clarity for everyone concerned. This issue of a time frame sets the tone and the pace for the entire structure to have clarity.

This week, and in the future, consider whether there is clarity concerning the start and finish times of each endeavor. The more clarity you have concerning the time frame within which you are working, the better off you are going to be, whether that is in raising children, in business, creating contracts or in any endeavor in life. Putting a time frame on various circumstances brings clarity and closure to nearly every situation!

I hope you enjoyed Cathy’s Tuesday Tip this week. To view more of Cathy’s Tuesday Tips, visit our blog.

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