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Top Services We Offer Construction Companies

If you own a construction company, you’re well aware that things can get risky. With large, busy job sites and heavy machinery, there’s an increased likelihood that you, your employees and your property could sustain damages. This is why having the proper insurance policies is key to owning a successful and reputable construction company. 

Read on to learn about some of the policies we offer that we believe all construction companies should purchase.

General Liability: Whether it’s basic slips or equipment malfunctions, general liability covers general damages including on-site injuries and property damages.

Truckers and Auto Liability: No matter the number or size of vehicles your company owns, you need a commercial auto insurance policy. This policy helps ensure that any damage to your vehicle, drivers, etc. are covered.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Most states mandate that construction companies buy workers’ compensation insurance. It’s important to purchase your policy from a reputable company. At CJ Hester, we have a strong history and track record for discovering the facts of job injuries. When it comes to workers’ compensation in the Southeast, there’s no better business to use than CJ Hester.

Additional Services

We also offer a variety of other services for businesses including heavy equipment appraisals, construction defects, fire/arson investigations and more. We cover cities all across Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama.

If you’re an owner of a construction company and are in need of new or additional policies, contact us today!

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