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Use These Six Simple Steps to Prevent Workplace Burnout

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Do your employees appear to be lethargic, quick to anger and unhappy? They are likely experiencing workplace burnout. 

While burnout may look like typical exhaustion, it’s often a large contributing factor to workplace safety issues and injuries. According to Risk and Insurance, burnout is “characterized by feelings of exhaustion, mental distance from one’s job and an inability to focus on work-related tasks.” This causes employees to be less aware of their surroundings, thus leading to injuries and other incidents as well as more serious issues like heart disease and high blood pressure.

With that being said, what can employers do to keep their employees from becoming burnt out? We’ve got some ideas!

Below are six things your company can do to reduce the risk of workplace burnout.

Value Their Time Off

Vacation days, PTO, sick time…these are out-of-office hours your employees have earned. Encourage them to take advantage of this time. Then, when they do, respect their time off by limiting or halting communication with them. 

Promote Work/Life Balance

If your employees feel like they don’t have time to experience life outside of work, they’re going to become burnt out very quickly. Ways to promote work/life balance include offering work-from-home days, flexible hours, and time off for volunteer days, to name a few.

Spread Workloads Evenly

There’s nothing more exhausting to an employee than feeling like they are carrying the entire team or company on their shoulders. While some employees can handle a larger workload, it doesn’t have to be a requirement. If your employees feel like their job responsibilities are spread evenly, they’re less likely to experience burnout. 

Create Awareness

The scary thing about workplace burnout is that your employees might not be aware that they’re experiencing it. By offering educational resources to employees and training sessions for managers, you can make those in your company more aware of the signs, symptoms and causes of workplace burnout. It’s also helpful to educate employees on what to do and who in the organization to speak to if they think they are experiencing workplace burnout.

Teach Managers How to Properly Manage

Oftentimes, promoting an employee to the position of manager is just a simple title change. In reality, it is so much more. When you manage other people, you’re largely responsible for their successes, failures and productivity in the workplace. Supervisors and managers can prevent workplace burnout and increase retention by helping employees manage their workload, advocating for them, and keeping them engaged and motivated.

Be Supportive

You can do all of the things to try and prevent burnout, but if your employees are suffering from it, they need your support. You can support them by offering free mental health services, giving them paid time off or lessening their workload. 

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